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The ultimate guide to starting your Generational 
Wealth Journey

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In our Amazon Bestseller
"7 Legacy Steps to Building Generational Wealth", we help
business owners and professionals make a shift to adopting the building of legacy and generational wealth 

as part of a success mindset.

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In this book, best-selling author Kaye Williams researches and observes the clues of successful multi-generational businesses and families, and notes some of the shifts in today’s wealth dynamics. It provides simple, practical personal development steps that anyone can take to start the generational wealth-building journey today.

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In this book you will learn:

  • What are ‘income shocks’ – they happen to every adult and what to do about them

  • Financial mentoring and why it’s important to you

  • Importance of living out a personal or family vision

  • Why organizing your personal affairs is an act of self-care

  • Useful Assessments

  • Finding your joy and living out your legacy today

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Disclaimer: The information contained herein is general in nature and for informative purposes only. It is based on the author’s personal experience. The author assumes no responsibility whatsoever, under any circumstances, for any actions taken as a result of the information contained herein. Copyright © 2021 All Rights Reserved.  No part of this document may be reproduced or shared without express, written consent from the author

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