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Foreword - 7 Legacy Steps

It has been a pleasure to support, strategize and co-create with Kaye Williams. As a business strategist and coach, speaking to hundreds of thousands of women, about the importance of legacy launching, this literary piece was refreshing and I felt reinvigorated to read more about simple steps and tools to build generational wealth and legacy, immediately.

As the author states, legacy is not only about money, but it's "about the impact you are making on your family, friends and the world, today and in the future.”

My favorite parts in this book include specific suggestions on how to get clear on your goals. I also loved the tools given on creating the plan and managing the wealth during the building process.

With over 25 years of practice as an Attorney-at-Law, Kaye has been equipped and is experienced in working with clients in business, estate planning and has researched the success in legacy building for multi-generational wealth.

As a Mom and Entrepreneur, Kaye is passionate about the importance of creating and teaching our future generations the value of living with a success mindset, creating ongoing legacy planning, normalizing conversations in wealth building and organizing personal, estate and business affairs, over time.

I coach busy professional Moms to launch their own brands online, so that they can create legacy-driven businesses. This book provides the tools on activating generational wealth planning, strategies on the execution of ongoing legacy building and the steps on how to make it happen.

Dr. Alisha “Ali” Griffith,

Biz Strategist and Coach,

Best Selling Author and Global Speaker

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